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Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment on the South Shore of Montreal

No division of AquaWaterEau Corporation, nor any authorized distributor will sell its equipment over the Internet. The field of water treatment is one of the most complex industries. The areas of sales and installation of water treatment equipment are governed by regulations, standards, certification of competency and installation permits. There are hundreds of methods, brands and formats. There are also hundreds of different needs depending on the type of user and application. There are as many different qualities of water as there are different applications. It is impossible to offer our products in closed sales over the Internet while respecting government requirements. We strongly advise against this approach as it is considered unprofessional or even dangerous.

No installation should be completed without having first conducted a comprehensive and detailed water analysis.


Before you purchase water treatment equipment, it may be advantageous to know the different types of water quality problems, their causes, symptoms and the various treatment methods available. Please see the section on the most common water problems before making your decision.

Water problems - Treatment and solutions
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