Water Treatment Equipment

Before choosing a technology, a method, a type or brand of water treatment equipment, there are some basic facts you should consider. We will help guide your approach in these few lines (1, 2, 3).

1. No division of AquaWaterEau Corporation, nor any authorized distributor will sell its equipment over the Internet. The field of water treatment is one of the most complex industries. There are hundreds of methods, brands and formats. There are also hundreds of different needs depending on the type of user and application. There are as many different qualities of water as there are different applications. It is impossible to offer our products in closed sales over the Internet and we strongly advise against this approach as it is considered unprofessional or even dangerous.

2. Choosing the company you will do business with is equally as important as choosing the method and the appropriate equipment.

3. No installation should be completed without having first conducted a comprehensive and detailed water analysis.

Call on the Largest Network of Water Analysis and Treatment Experts in Canada

Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Agricultural - Horticultural - Institutionnal - Pharmaceutical - Municipal


Before you purchase water treatment equipment, it may be advantageous to know the different types of water quality problems, their causes, symptoms and the various treatment methods available.
We have therefore compiled a list of the most common water problems for your convenience.

Please see the section on THE MOST COMMON WATER PROBLEMS before making your decision.

AquaWaterEau Corporation Has $3 Million in Inventory in the Largest Showroom in Canada

The largest distributor of Pentair Filtration products in Canada

Official distributor in several Canadian provinces for:

PENTAIR : Autotrol – Fleck - AquaMatic – Pentek – Structural – Industrial

Official distributor in several Canadian provinces for:

Aldex Chemical Resin - Indion Resin – Resintech products - Red Flint – Inversand

Distributor of the complete range of products for:

Viqua – Trojan – Sterilite – Clack – Pulsafeeder – Stenner – Inversand

Canadian distributor for dozens of other brands.

To Access Product Catalogs, Select the Logo of One of the Companies As the Products Offered May Differ.

A Summary of the Conglomerate’s Companies

Aqua Filtration

Aqua Filtration Corporation: Water treatment equipment distribution company having one of the largest networks of independent distributors in Canada.

Tel.: 514-272-2782, 1-888-505-0071

Filtraqua Canada

Filtraqua Canada: Franchised banner reserved for branches with corporate participation. Setting the standard since 1988.

Tel.: 450-454-3282, 1-800-667-7299


PlumbAqua: A recognized name since 1966. This name was retained following the acquisition of the assets of MacDonald & Fils. Water treatment equipment distribution company having one of the largest networks of plumbing contractors in Canada.

Tel.: 514-374-0450, 1-800-363-7137


The majority of authorized retailers also offer water analysis services by AquaLabo laboratory.