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Aqua Filtration
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All Services Offered Are Connected to Water – Our Only Specialty

AquaLabo laboratory is an independent subsidiary of the AquaWaterEau Corporation, conglomerate and specializes in physicochemical and microbiological analysis.

Since 1988, AquaLabo laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec, according to the PALA, based on the ISO 17025 Standard, 2005 version.

Compared to the majority of laboratories, all our services are related to water, which is our only specialty.

Water problems - Treatment and solutions
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AquaLabo Offers Its Services to a Diverse Clientele Including:

  • Companies specialized in water treatment

  • Well diggers

  • Hydrogeologists

  • Engineering consulting firms

  • Real estate agents

  • Private network operators

  • Notaries

  • Financial institutions

  • Tourist establishments

  • Managers of swimming, beach, pool and spa water facilities

  • Municipalities

  • Educational institutions

  • Hospitals and hospital centres

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Mining industry

  • Hotel industry

  • Restaurant industry

  • Agriculture and horticulture sectors

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Services to individuals

Our Water Analysis Services for All Types of Clients

  • Physicochemical analysis

  • Microbiological Analysis

  • Sampling Services

  • Keeping reports for future reference

  • Interpretation of results by chemists and microbiologists

Our Services for Customers Subject to RQEP

  • Drinking water analysis

  • Pool water analysis

  • Sampling Services

  • Transmission of results to MDDELCC

Our Services for Water Treatment Specialists

  • Interpretation of results

  • Glossary of symptoms

  • Glossary of causes

  • Recommendations for treatment methods

  • Keeping reports for future reference

  • Training on RQEP and MDDELCC regulations

Our Services for Well Drillers, Real Estate Agents, Notaries and Financial Institutions

  • Interpretation of results

  • Sterilization of water intake facilities

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