AquaLabo Is Now a Division of the AquaWaterEau Corporation Conglomerate

Since 1988, AquaLabo laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec, according to the PALA, based on the ISO 17025 Standard, 2005 version.

Originally founded in 1988 under the name Laboratoire de contrôle des eaux, the laboratory was renamed AquaLabo in 2010 following a strategic acquisition based on several decades of development.

AquaLabo is now a division/banner fully integrated into the AquaWaterEau Corporation conglomerate, which is recognized as the largest centre for water analysis and water treatment in Canada.

The Company has been directed by Mr. André St-Denis since 1988, and Ms. Julie Ménard manages the AquaLabo division/banner.

The integration of Aqualabo into the AquaWaterEau Corporation conglomerate now provides us with an experienced team composed of real experts in the water treatment industry in Canada.

Our staff is made up of:

  • Water treatment specialists
  • Chemists
  • Microbiologists
  • Biologists
  • Engineering PhDs
  • Environmental specialists
  • Laboratory technicians

Since 1988, AquaLabo is the only laboratory to offer exclusively water-related services and those that are mainly offered through various stakeholders and professionals in the water industry in Canada.

This positioning makes AquaLabo the preferred choice for professional firms that want to offer water testing services to their clients.

Companies specialized in water treatment

  • Well diggers
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Engineering consulting firms
  • Real estate agents
  • Private network operators
  • Tourist establishments
  • Managers of swimming, beach, pool and spa water facilities
  • Notaries
  • Financial institutions

Since 2010, over one million dollars have been reinvested and AquaLabo moved to new premises outfitted with equipment at the cutting edge of technology. AquaLabo now ranks among the best equipped laboratories in Canada.

The Company has received the prestigious National Bank of Canada’s SME Award three times. The highly reputed Dun & Bradstreet rating agency has granted us its 3A1 rating, received by less than 1% of Canadian and global companies.

The Laboratory’s Mission

Originally, the AquaLabo laboratory was founded to create a precedent in the field of drinking water. We believe that professionals in the field of water treatment, and especially their customers, need to receive a complete water analysis and refer to professional expertise to better meet the expectations of their respective customers.

AquaLabo is the only laboratory in Canada to bring together all the expert services that water experts and water treatment specialists need to ensure the optimal and reliable results sought by the various clienteles.

The Company’s renown makes it a benchmark in the water analysis industry.