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MacDonald Pumps Is Now a Division of the AquaWaterEau Corporation Conglomerate

Through a strategic focus on growth over several decades, MacDonald Pumps is now a division of the AquaWaterEau Corporation conglomerate.

In business since 1966, the name MacDonald Pumps was retained following the acquisitions and mergers of the assets of the MacDonald et Fils company in March, 2010, MacDonald Pumps 2010, Napierville Pumps 2011 and several other existing assets of the company.

MacDonald Pumps is certainly one of the oldest names in the water industry in Canada. Few companies can boast of having provided the equipment for thousands of pumping facilities in Canada since 1966. This expertise is a guarantee of satisfaction for all our customers.

Because of its reputation due to its great history, the MacDonald Pumps division is used to reach customers. Compared to the other divisions, this division has remained independent and MacDonald Pumps intervenes directly with customers in areas where the acquired companies were already active as retailers. In most other regions, MacDonald Pumps will refer clients to dealers of the other divisions of the conglomerate.

This integration provides clients the benefits of the largest water pump, analysis and treatment centre in Canada. As well as $3 million in inventory in the largest showroom in Canada.

This natural integration of a pumping systems service with water analysis and water treatment divisions provides customers with support across all their projects.