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Water Analysis Service

There is no doubt that the most important part of a project starts with professional water analysis. Our laboratory AquaLabo, an independent subsidiary of the AquaWaterEau Corporation conglomerate, is specialized in physicochemical and microbiological analysis. AquaLabo laboratory has been certified by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec since 1988.

Aqua Filtration Corporation offers water analysis services performed by AquaLabo laboratory.

Aqua Filtration Corporation is the only water treatment equipment distribution company to offer its network of distributors and their clienteles specialized water analysis services by its own laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Environment of Quebec.

No equipment recommendation should be made before the Aqua Filtration Corporation plumbing contractors specialized in water treatment equipment have referred to analysis reports specific to each customer and each application.

The staff at Aqua Filtration and AquaLabo is composed of real experts with experience in the water industry in Quebec. They assist equipment retailers in their projects. Our team consists of water treatment specialists, chemists, microbiologists, biologists, PhDs in engineering, environmental specialists and laboratory technicians.

Water problems - Treatment and solutions
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Where to Begin

Before initiating a water analysis project, it may be advantageous to know the different types of water quality problems, their causes, symptoms and the various treatment methods available. We have therefore compiled a list of the most common water problems for your convenience.
Please see the section on THE MOST COMMON WATER PROBLEMS before making your decision.

Please visit the AquaLabo website to see the list of physicochemical and microbiological analysis services offered.

You can fill out an analysis request form by clicking here.

It is much more advantageous for a water treatment specialist to base equipment recommendations on a professional analysis, which is why Aqua Filtration Corporation water treatment equipment dealers reimburse all or part of the costs of the analysis upon purchase of the equipment.

Gone are the days when water analyses were performed by non-specialized, untrained companies. Demand a water analysis by a laboratory that is accredited by the competent authorities. The Ministry of Environment of Quebec and Health Canada recommend that water analysis should be performed twice a year by an accredited laboratory.

Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, industrial, medical, agricultural, horticultural or any other type of application, you will thus be assured of the quality and accuracy of the results. You and your water treatment specialist will be better oriented in the choice of the equipment, as needed.

The majority of poor drinking water facilities are directly related to the absence of an appropriate, professional water analysis.

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