Thank you and congratulations for choosing professionals to improve the quality of your water. This mandate is complex and subject to several natural factors that make water treatment an infinitly variable science. Customer expectations can be as varied as the nature of the water itself. Rather than provide you with expectations based on promises, we offer solutions with no margin for error since you will be able to return the equipment if it does not give you the desired results. No company in Canada offers such a guarantee of performance and satisfaction.

1: During the first thirty days after installation, if the equipment does not perform as expected by the customer, Filtraqua Canada will take back its equipment and reimburse one hundred percent (100%) of the amount already paid by the consumer.

Between the thirty-first (31st) day and nintieth (90th) day, if the equipment does not perform as expected, it will be reimbursed one hundred percent (100%) minus ten percent (10%) for administrative expenses.

For a period of five years, if the equipment does not perform as expected, Filtraqua Canada, at its discretion, will repair or take back its equipment and refund the amount paid by the customer for the equipment, less 2% of the total per month of use.
The installation may have been done by the customer, contractor or by our installation division. The installation department is separate from the sales department. The money-back guarantee does not apply to installation costs.

2: Filtraqua Canada undertakes to hold all-risk liability insurance to deal with any accident or disaster. However, Filtraqua Canada liability shall be limited to what is covered by such insurance.

3: It is agreed between the parties that the proposed facilities will be able to improve the water quality within reasonable expectations. Each treatment method is designed to solve specific parameters; the results will be in relation to the water quality and the selected equipment. Given certain water quality and stability problems for some customers, no guarantee of results is given other than what is specified herein. Instead it is agreed between the parties that the customer, as agreed herein, will benefit from a 90-day trial period to declare himself satisfied or not with the equipment, in addition to the 5-year pro-rata warranty.

4: This satisfaction warrantee and refund only apply to the residential and commercial sectors. For industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, tourist and municipal applications, Filtraqua Canada will provide the equipment as specified by the customer's engineering firm. Filtraqua Canada, directly or with one of the many partners involved, is also able to provide outsourced engineering consulting services. If the client has not retained the services of a consulting engineering firm, the equipment offered by Filtraqua Canada shall at all times and in all circumstances be viewed as recommendations. The customer shall assume responsibility for the selection of equipment recommended by Filtraqua Canada.

General Warranty:

Filtraqua Canada is known for distributing only premium products recognized by the industry and has a very enviable reputation. The equipment will be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranties will be respected at the plant or one of the authorized branches of Filtraqua Canada. Travel to the installation site is not covered under this warranty.

This warranty shall not apply if Filtraqua Canada considers that the equipment was damaged by freezing or fire, or if it has been modified or subject to misuse.

Filtraqua Canada is released from all liability due to the non-availability of equipment parts or for any other reasons that are beyond its control to respect this warranty.

FILTRAQUA CANADA’s liability is limited hereto. FILTRAQUA CANADA shall not be held liable for property damage, personal injury, loss of revenue or other damages resulting from a delay, a malfunction or the use of this equipment. It is the customer's responsibility, prior to or following the installation of equipment, to equip the premises where the equipment is located with an adequate drain. Equipment located on higher floors should be contained in a waterproof area and/or area with adequate drainage.