Water Filtration Equipment Repair

Water Filtration Equipment and Pump Repair
At AquaMac Corporation, our retailers take on water filtration equipment repairs for most brands. Whether you have a contract or not, we can handle your systems’ maintenance. Our experienced staff is made up of people with more than 40 years of experience. We are certified Quebec based water specialists and we’re proud to offer our services. In fact, erosion, corrosion, chemical attacks, a spill or a leak can damage your equipment. When you encounter a problem, count on our professional team to refurbish your systems.


  • Repair
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance (with or without contract)
  • Preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance
Water filtration equipment preventative maintenance helps to rapidly detect all problems and to ensure your systems’ high efficiency. Also, cost can be reduced if we repair a minor problem. Preventative maintenance can help reduce stalls, increase your equipment’s lifespan and even help you save money by helping you to avoid major breaches.

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